Chai Point goes hi-tech to dip into corporate tea drinkers.

Chai Point is an Indian cafe chain specializing in retailing tea and other refreshments. The name Chai Point is derived from Chai which is the Indian term for tea.
  • Chai Point will soon introduce advanced (IoT) Internet of Things enabled tea and coffee dispensers.
  • The new dispensers will allow the customers to not only pay for the tea digitally, but to also alter its blend remotely.
  • These versions are going to run on Android- the mobile operating system of Google.
  • Chai Point will be able to programme the machines based on the demand of the client, run remote diagnosis, save money by being more frugal about spending manpower to refill the machines, etc.
  • As said by Amuleek Singh, (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chai Point), they have a small engineering and new product development team, who have already built the next generation of dispensers, where he spends a considerable amount of his time. He strongly believes that Tech is the way forward.
  • Chai Point runs close to 100 stores across the largest metros in the country, but that’s only half of its business.
  • The company also caters to corporate customers by delivering tea at their doorstep or installing dispenser machines in their cafeterias.
  • Today, Chai Point is perceived as a brand that serves great chai by their target group of people employed with corporates.
  • Chai Point is now introducing their own line of packaged tea which they plan to sell through all popular mediums- online as well as through large format of offline retailers.
While the company isn’t aiming to compete in the affordable tea sector, it is said that the audience would still continue to be India’s white collar workforce who love its brand today.

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