Burberry’s ad strategy on WeChat spikes its sales

  • Burberry, the British luxury fashion brand, to increase its sales in the Chinese market, used Wechat social media app for advertisement.
  • Wechat app in China serves as a multipurpose app combining social media and shopping services.
  • The advertising campaign on the Wechat app was for the launch of a new bag – the DK88, which tripled the sales growth.
  • Wechat advertising is a strategic move by the company as no competitor in luxury goods has used the platform yet since they focus on physical stores for their brand image as a luxury brand.
  • The brand saw a sales growth in Britain, Europe while, in America in order to maintain the image of the luxury brand it reduced the discounted products due to which the sales declined.
  • Burberry is striving the regain its brand value as the luxury brand, but saw an increase in sales in China as it saw all the top customers returning to the stores.
Source: http://bit.ly/2vhrIMP

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