Will Keventers formula work as it looks for a pan-India presence?

A couple of years ago, Keventers was a strictly local favourite in Delhi. Even though Delhi served them well, they decided to go for a rapid expansion in other cities of India.
  • In 2015, Agastya Dalmia (Dalmia’s grandson) and his partners Aman Arora and hospitality consultant Sohrab Sitaram, decided to revamp and reintroduce the brand, giving it a new look and feel. 
  • Unlike all other shakes and drinks available in the market it comes in glass bottles which gives it a more appealing look and evokes mixed feelings in consumers, with some feeling that the bottles are inconvenient and they should have the option of returning them for credits.
  • The price ranges from Rs. 125 for a small classic shake to upwards of Rs 300 for a large thick shake but considering the feedback the company is currently working on a new price point, keeping the bottles constant. 
  • In the dairy business, premiumisation in terms of both brand and packaging, along with product innovation is essential.
  • Keventers has done well to build in a premium and thus has a better chance of sustaining the business. The only thing needed is continual differentiation.
  • Interestingly, the brand has soft launched an app-based milk delivery service and is looking at venturing into ice-creams. 
  • Some consumers feel that it needs to create a space that the brand clearly owns which becomes synonymous with Keventers. They also need to build a set of basic guidelines for the staff to follow during consumer interaction. 
Keventers needs to maintain the consistency as the brand expands because consumers are unlikely to care about a bottle, however beautifully designed and crafted if its contents are not up to expected standards. 
Source: https://bit.ly/2tUv2OOhttps://bit.ly/2MKjghE

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