Who is cuter than Vodafone’s ‘Pug’ and ‘Zoozoos’?

  • Mid over breaks during the high intensity Indian Premier League, now feature an elderly couple in their 60s enjoying their second Honeymoon in Goa.
  • “Make the most of now”- Vodafone’s campaign for its data services.
  • In its 1st video, their grand-daughter helps them to locate the chauffer whom she has already reserved and is supposed to pick them up from the railway station.
  • 2nd video shows their way where they ask people for directions only to get more confused. Eventually, Asha turns on GPS services and Google maps help them reach their destination.
  • The campaign executed by Oglivy and Mather will have six such videos, which will tell the story of the elderly couple and their 2nd Honeymoon experience at Goa.
  • Vodafone’s new campaign- Make The Most Of Now featuring the cute old couple, Bala & Asha, will stand out powerfully and reinforce the messaging on the Data Strong Network in unique ways built on popular use cases.
Source: http://bit.ly/2pqP17n 



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Devyani Singh

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