What 2019 has in store for marketers

American market research company ‘Forrestor’ revealed the macro trends to look out for in 2019. Forrester’s global CMO, Victor Milligan has unraveled the key trends for marketers.
  • Trend 1: CONSUMER BRANDS WILL HAVE TO STAND UP FOR SOMETHING: In the past, brands played it safe with their cultural commentary and stuck to more kosher causes. In the future, however, brands would need to be careful but not too careful. It’s a tricky spot because there’s no shortage of social and cultural grenades. Staying on the fence or side-lines may be seen negatively by customers that want to see brands have and act on a clear social purpose and conscience.
  • Trend 2: PURPOSE 2.0- BRANDS WILL HAVE TO LOOK AT ‘PURPOSE’ THROUGH A NEW LENS: Not so long ago purpose was often a loosely used positioning statement for firms. In 2019, firms will have to review their purpose through a sharper lens and as a strategic priority. This will happen against the backdrop of brands navigating customers’ lifestyles and habits and re-establishing the real purpose they are serving in those moments.
  • Trend 3: COMPANIES WILL BRING BACK BRAND AS TOP PRIORITY: In 2019, CMOs will move more budget and attention to remaking or revitalizing the brand.
  • Trends 4: BLOCKCHAIN WILL EXPOSE ADVERTISEMENT: The role of blockchain will endure beyond 2019 as a powerful engine to support dispersed and high-volume transactions among parties. With blockchain, advertisers will finally have a completely transparent view of how their money is spent. Hidden fees will be revealed. Duplicative or unnecessary expenses will come to light.
Thus, it is accurately predicted how marketing trends will change in the coming year and the incremental benefits that it will bring forth. Marketing could probably touch a completely new tangent with extensive use of methods like blockchain.
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