Use of Social Media in B2B marketing

Business-to-business marketing (or B2B marketing, as it is commonly known) involves the sale of one company’s product or service to another company. B2B marketing techniques rely on the same basic principles as consumer marketing but are executed in a unique way. 
  • Finding new ways to foster relationships through social media is currently a hot topic in the B2B marketing world.
  • Tech-savvy B2B companies have continued to find innovative ways to use social media to their advantage.
  • In consumer marketing, an effective advertisement can be blasted out over wide channels, and a percentage of consumers will be driven to buy the product.
  • However, B2B marketing is much more specialized. Marketers run the risk of alienating their specific prospective candidates if they do not pay close attention to their needs before tailoring their services to those needs.
  • Social media platforms have opened up two-way conversations between businesses.
  • LinkedIn is one such platform which is currently being used a lot by the B2B marketers.
  • Being the world’s largest professional network it has a huge base of potential customers.
  • Marketing on LinkedIn will help generate leads, drive website traffic and also help in building brand awareness.
  • LinkedIn also provides its users a free company page to establish their brand.
  • Other benefits to increase brand reach include, native ads that appear in the LinkedIn feed, personalized LinkedIn targeted messages and simple text ads as well.
  • LinkedIn has a ‘Campaign Manager’ which is the LinkedIn advertising platform that streamlines all your marketing efforts.
Traditional methods of B2B marketing are relevant even today but new methods via social media are currently trending in the B2B marketing scenario and are proving to be quite profitable as well.


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