When we think about a brand we consider everything from the logo, the website, social media experiences, the product that they offer as well as the customer experience. In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you.
  • Having a good eye-catching logo is very important to the branding of the company’s name. People are drawn to interesting design and color.
  • A professional logo design should draw interest and pick the curiosity of your potential customers prompting them to at least look, and hopefully purchase your product.  
  • Famous brands have amazing logos that don’t even have the brand name integrated into their design yet most people could recognize them by just looking at the logo.
  • In a logo, every line, curve and color has meaning behind it. Many of them have been designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty.
  • The logo of the company HYUNDAI signifies not just the letter ‘H’ but symbolises two people, a client and a representative of the company shaking hands.
  • The logo of the company ADIDAS has changed many times over the years but always includes three stripes. The current logo signifies a mountain which in turn represents the challenges faced by all sportsmen.
  • The orange color arrow in the logo of AMAZON shows a smile which shows that the company wants all its customers to be satisfied. Also, the arrow extends from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ showing that they sell absolutely everything.
  • EVERNOTE uses the animal elephant in their logo because they have impressive memories.
Having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It represents a company – it defines its identity – its purpose and is an integral part of the company’s brand strategy.


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