Panasonic to exit low-end phones segment

  • India is the latest mobile handset market where East Asian players are getting the most.
  • Chinese companies are dominating giving intense competition due to which, a company such as Panasonic will exit the price sensitive and feature-and-entry level smartphones segment.
  • Panasonic will be focusing on the smartphones which are priced between Rs.7000-14000 which is the fastest growing and demanding segment in the smartphones market.
  • The company has also established a tie-up with Jaina Group for setting its own distribution.
  • In order to rebuild the brand and survive the competition from Chinese companies, Panasonic India wants platforms such marketing communications, supply chain management and demand forecasting.
  • Panasonic’s production level has come down to nearly 1 lakh phones, but it will be increasing the production levels as its new expansion strategy will require higher volumes.
  • Presently, Panasonic is driving its growth through the television and air-conditions business, and has entered into a partnership with Tata Elxis and TCS for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

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