KFC launches first Artificial Intelligence enabled outlet

  •  Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled cafe in Beijing.
  • It is the first smart restaurant started by KFC with the help of Chinese search engine giant Baidu.
  • Customers can walk right in and get their faces scanned by a machine, allowing the computer to identify a diner’s face, gender, age and mood.
  • They can interact with the machine & change their facial expressions by shaking their heads in front of the machine. A suitable combination of food will be recommended for the customers, based on these factors.
  • The face-scanning technology remembers customer’s face and purchase history, if they revisit With this technology, KFC can attract more young consumers who prefer fashionable new things providing faster and easier services.
Source : http://bit.ly/2i8EPd


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