Future forecast of Advertising Expenditure

Print media is witnessing a slowdown in the developed economies but when it comes to India, the newspaper still commands the lion’s share of the advertising pie.
  • As per the latest report from Zenith, the ROI agency of the Publicis Group, the newspaper will continue to be the most dominant media segment for the next three years.
  • In India, 2017 witnessed a slightly lower growth on account of demonetisation introduced in 2016 but a measured recovery on adspends is expected.
  • But the total AdEx for India is likely to go up significantly by 2020.
  • Growing internet penetration by operators such as Jio will significantly enhance digital adspends by almost double in India and give access to previously untapped markets.
  • India is moving towards digitalization at a faster pace than before but print media will still have a huge share of the market compared to digital platforms.
  • India is currently the fastest growing advertising market globally.
  • In 2018, mobile handsets, FMCG, automobiles, BFSI, travel and tourism and political ads will drive up the pace of adspends.
  • Overall the report has forecast a growth rate of 9% for television, 5% for newspapers, 10% for radio and 5% for cinema and out-of-home reach.
  • India will be No.4 in top 10 contributors to global adspend growth from 2017-2020 after US, China and Indonesia in that order.
  • Between 2017-2020 Zenith forecasts global advertising expenditure to increase by $72 billion in total.
Rising markets for the next three years will be China, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Russia. The overall report forecasts rising market to contribute 54% of additional AdEx between 2017-2020.
Source: http://bit.ly/2EArbyN 

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