Flipkart places its bets on private labels

The company is gearing up for the upcoming sales by expanding their offerings in the private labels. It already has launched 32 private labels and is gearing up to launch more.
  • Flipkart under Flipkart Smartbuy is going to launch 4 private labels in the IT accessories product this month.
  • It has planned to launch them on a small scale to test it with the customers.
  • This time around, they are planning on creating products and labels and categories exclusive
  • Flipkart’s fashion arm Myntra, selling nine private labels has turned profitable
  • Large part of its business is now going to come from exclusive offerings.
It will be good to see if the bets are going to be in favour for Flipkart with it going all exclusive and launching new labels for the big sale in tow with its competitors gearing up for the same and trying to develop products that are well suited for the customers.
Source: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/startup/flipkart-launches-32-private-labels-to-launch-another-10-by-december-2378359.html


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