FirstCry’s Brand Strategy

Indian Market has seen tremendous growth for baby care products. FirstCry is one of the most successful baby care products brands in India. It is an e-commerce store which was launched in the year 2010. The website showcases products right from baby blankets, clothes, and cots for newborns to toys, puzzles and games for older children. FirstCry has become a household name, especially in urban areas. The brand has been able to connect with its target audience – New Moms, with its exceptional marketing strategy.

How does the brand operate?

  • The brand operates on a hybrid business model. It has online as well as offline presence. It has the head office in Pune.  The brand has successfully established its presence through franchising. 
  • Currently, the company has over 380 stores in India. The brand offers products from around 700+ Indian and International brands. Some of these brands are exclusively available in FirstCry stores and on website. 

FirstCry’s Target Audience

  • The brand targets parents between the age group of 25-40. These are mostly working mothers who prefer shopping online rather than stores. Nowadays parents are more inclined towards buying high-end products for their children from various brands. FirstCry acts as a one-stop for such parents who are in search of quality products for their children

What is first cry’s marketing and advertising strategy?

  • Initially, the brand started with Television and Print advertisements. However, they later realized that this mode of advertisements required high investments and had very low returns. So they turned to online advertising and word-of-mouth publicity. 

Online Presence of the FirstCry

The brand has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • The brand has over 400 thousand+ followers on Instagram and over 2000+ posts. They post regularly about their products. They also have a shopping feature on their Instagram page which makes the shopping process easy for the followers. They also use the feature of ‘Instagram Guide’. In this feature, they have created a catalogue of clothing items for toddlers.


  • FirstCry is most active on Facebook. The brand’s Facebook platform has 2.1 million followers. In the past, they had organized such as live session which provided information about the immunization for young kids. They regular post about parenting tips. The brand has also integrated the Facebook feature ‘Shop Now’. When clicked on this button, it takes the user to the brand’s website. 
  • The brand also targets parents through Facebook ads and various campaigns. They run multiple offers on their website.  They run Facebook ads with offers such as ‘50% off on diapers’ or ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’.
  • On Facebook, the brand has successfully rolled out campaigns such as #MomPrenuer.
  • The #MomPreneur campaign aimed at creating entrepreneurship awareness, promoting opportunities and success stories. Other successful Facebook campaigns were #SleepingBeauty and #ParentingTips.


  • The brand has 7000+ followers on Twitter platform. This platform mainly is engaged in answering the queries, concerns and complaints of the parents and customers. The brand has limited promotion activity on Twitter. However, the customer executives are very prompt in replying to the order queries of the parents. 


  • Blogs help the brand to connect with new parents. New parents often find themselves in a difficult situation when dealing with their toddlers. Through these blogs, the brand tries to help such parents and also let them know how the brand’s products will help them. The blogs cover topics such as travel tips, types of strollers, baby food as per the age and many more. 


  • FirstCry has a YouTube channel under name FirstCry Parenting. The channel has 3 lakhs + subscribers and 1900 videos. The brand posts videos related to baby food recipes, yoga for moms to be. They have created various playlists which cover topics such as the development of baby, vaccines, and immunization program, assembling baby furniture and many more. 
  • The brand also has a second channel under the name ‘FirstCry Shopping’. This channel covers videos of activities and games which will help children to develop various skills. 

Direct to Parent Strategy

  • Direct to Parent Strategy was a micro-marketing strategy adopted by FirstCry. The brand has successfully presented more than one million gift boxes to new mothers in hospitals across India. The brand targets to reach more than 1 lakh mothers per month with the gift box which is called as ‘celebrating the first cry’. The box contains all the essentials required by the new mothers.
  • The brand also hands out coupon codes to new mothers allowing them to have a shopping experience on FirstCry’s website. The brand has partnered with more than 7,500 hospitals across India as a part of this marketing strategy.


  • FirstCry had roped in Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador. The brand wanted to create awareness and impact across India. Amitabh Bachchan brought a lot of credibility to the brand and he is seen as a doting grandfather.
  • The theme of this advertising campaign was “Bachchon ki shopping, Bachchon ki Khel Nahi” (kids shopping is not child’s play). The brand had filmed six television commercials around this theme. Apart from television commercials, this campaign also covered out-of-home, radio and print media. 

Other Promotional Activities of FirstCry

  • The brand came up with a unique concept of Kiosk at the offline stores. The brand had installed 32-inch touch screens in their stores which allowed the visitors to look through the products. The screen acted as a catalogue of more than 7000 products. This helped the customers to order a product online and the product was made available in the store within 2-3 days. 
  • The brand also has a loyalty cash program known as ‘Shop n Earn’. Through this program, parents can earn rewards and points when they shop from the stores of the website. These points are redeemable upon receiving the delivery of the products. 
  • FirstCry has been successful in creating a wide presence online as well as offline. The brick-and-mortar stores help parents to experience a sense of touch while purchasing products for their young ones. FirstCry’s website is considered as one of the most reliable baby shopping websites by many mothers in India. 

Content: Sayali Patil

Editor: Nishikant Patil

Graphics: Anushka Bhogle

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