Buzz Marketing or Millenial Marketing

  • We have all been the marketers for a firm or a company or a service at some point of our lives,knowingly or unknowingly.When we talk about a new restaurant to a friend, we (perhaps inadvertently) drum up business for it. If we talk excitedly about a movie we just saw, we are encouraging others to go see it as well.
  • all types of businesses benefit when people talk casually and positively about a product or service. Word of mouth between two people has a more credible effect than a print advertisement or TV commercial. We are more likely to try something new if a person we trust suggests we check it out.
  • Thus, it involves an element of TRUST and the product performance should also conform to its claims so as to induce people to spread a buzz about it.
  • Also called as “BUZZ”, a buzz marketing campaign is anything which spreads like a viral among the targeted consumers creating anxiousness and excitement about the product in a positive manner which can lead to trials and generate purchases of the product.
  • It usually involves Word Of Mouth marketing strategy which nowadays is usually done through electronic and digital media such as telephone calls, emails, sms, face book messaging, etc.
EXAMPLE:Dove Real Beauty Sketches
What may go down as the viral campaign of 2013, Dove once again challenged our perceptions of beauty. With Dove Real Beauty Sketches, the brand invited a group of women to sit down with a sketch artist and describe themselves to him. The brand then asked strangers to describe the same women. The artist then showed the pictures side by side showing the negative perception many women have about their own looks. The brand wasn’t pushing a specific product. It was making a statement and a powerful one at that. What we most love about this campaign is that it shows if you make a fantastic piece of content, people will do the viral marketing for you.