Britannia Showcases ‘Yummy Wali Shararat’ Between Dad and Son in its New Spot

  • Marketers, these days are focusing on targeting new relationship between father and son to pitch their products by depicting the immense affection between child and father and touching upon the emotions of their customers,
  • Earlier Pampers and now Britannia is following the same in its new TVC to target its customers with the tagline ‘Yummy Wali Shararat’
  • Britannia, in its new TVC showing the funny and caring mischievous moments between child and father and bringing the Britannia cake into the picture.
  • Britannia has positioned bar cakes as the perfect treat for kids, both in terms of health and delight. However, with this campaign the company has refreshed the positioning to bring out a universal appeal of cakes.
  • With “Yummy Wali Shararat” they want to talk about how this category brings out the child in each of us. What better way to bring this to life than good-humored leg pulling between a father and a son.
  • To target the broader market, Britannia with 38% estimated market share has released the TVC in 10 languages, nationally