Brands leveraging Digital Media amid Lockdown


Amidst a 21 days lockdown across India due to COVID-19, everything has come to a sudden halt and brands are no exception. Since all new ad promotions and shoots are on hold, brands have decided to work more with content creators and influencers as the engagement levels on all social media platforms are at their peak. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok are continuously buzzing with new posts every bit of a second with people sharing videos, memes, jokes, images, etc.


Most brands are a step ahead with their plans of leveraging the digital media and leading to a 25% growth in influencer marketing activities. Brands like Dyson have roped in celebs to promote use of their products like home vacuum cleaners while sharing home quarantine videos. While, some brands like Reebok India are creating content on new ways to better manage work from home and health & fitness with their ‘Workout from home’ videos involving Katrina Kaif and celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.


Further, E-commerce and Lifestyle brands are tapping digital platforms to raise awareness around COVID-19 by posting self-care videos, games, challenges and witty posts to connect with their consumers. For example, Dettol brand has been running #HandWashingChallenge campaign on TikTok that has garnered over 18 Billion views and generated over 120000 user participation videos since 14th March.

Chief Marketing Officer of RB Health South Asia, Pankaj Duhan rightly states that Influencers help to give a momentum to the campaign. They are the people who consumers tend to listen to and follow. If they give a right message in a right way, it gives the brand a strong boost in the campaign.


At this juncture, it can be concluded that ‘responsible content’ by brands is the need of the hour, where the message given by the brands should be genuinely caring for the consumers and their well being while trying to explore the possibilities of increasing sales.

















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