Brands Celebrating Ramadan

The Holy Month of the Islamic Calendar marks the spirit of people dedicating their time and soul towards fasting, introspection, and prayers. Ramadan is all about abstaining oneself from any evil. Observing Ramadan, at an individual level is about renunciation and growth.

Brands have understood this concept really well and have stepped forward to market their products using innovative ideas. A few of the examples include:

  1. Reliance initiated the #ChotiSiAchhai Advertisement with a message stating the uniqueness of the month, quoted, “Big or small, every act of goodness brings with it plenty of blessings.” This was catered towards Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart, the two retail shops under Reliance.
  2. Surf Excel came up with a beautiful addition to their “Daag Achhe Hai” campaign with a story that could win hearts with the message “Neki Ek Ibadat.” The advertisement focusses on offering help to those in need, even if that means getting some stains on your clothes. This sent a message stating, go ahead and help others, Surf Excel will take care of the stains that come along the way.
  3. Tata Motors created a video for the Middle East market, this Ramadan, embracing the fact that age, gender, religion or where you belong doesn’t matter, what matters is those little gestures of kindness one makes to lighten up someone’s life.


This was a great opportunity for businesses to reconnect with current and prospective customers. The advertisements have reached out to a larger mass audience. This has proved to be a chance for these brands to showcase their creativity and increase their customer base.


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