Brands Adopting Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly initiatives always bring novelty in the business world. A few years ago, Go Green was an idea which was promoted by well known companies only. However, today, engaging in sustainable practices is increasingly becoming standard and the new buzz. Sustainable packaging refers to adopting packaging in ways that reduce environmental footprint, is recyclable and safe for people. It is also called as “Eco – friendly packaging”.

Sustainable packing brings a lot of benefits within itself. It meets the benchmarking for pricing and performance of the products. It uses renewable energy which can be procured, manufactured, transported, and recycled for other things. This type of packaging involves the use of raw material that can be sustained throughout the life cycle. It helps to reduce carbon footprint and gives you more storage space.

It is becoming a new trend and a necessity to use sustainable packaging for your products because it has now become a priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before. It essential for the brands to reflect the values of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” not only to help the environment but also increase brand loyalty amongst eco-conscious consumers. 

Factors that insist on brands to adopt sustainable packaging are as follows:

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a practice that is undertaken by the company for contributing to societal goals without destructing the environment.
  • Communicating CSR is a way for companies to increase profits, boost their reputation among consumers and employees, and continually drive product and service innovation.
  • Packaging is a tangible way to communicate about the brand. Thus, companies also use packaging, as a part of the marketing communication channel, to promote their corporate social responsibility towards the consumers and society at large.
  • It feels competitive in the market with a sense of pride that your company does not only care for customers but also environmentally conscious. 

Lowered Shipping Cost:

  • Material used for sustainable packaging is generally light in weight. This reduces the total fibre usage with decreased carbon emission.
  • Shipping in a smaller size is what can reduce the cost. 
  • Thus, it requires the use of smaller bags, containers, and boxes. Reducing the size of your shipments starts with purchasing smaller packing supplies and using fewer filler materials.
  • It also benefits the customer at large because small sized packaged products can be accommodated anywhere easily. 

Increases efficiency:

  • Custom packaging lessens the environmental impact and increases efficiency.
  • It observes less wastage in packaging materials.
  • This increases sustainability in manufacturing, operations, supply chain and largely increases savings for the business. 

Generate sales and customer loyalty:

  • Using eco-friendly packaging allows you to reduce the amount of plastic that you use. This attracts a lot of eco-conscious customers.
  • Since this type of packaging allows easy disposal which reduces the customer hassles. Thus, it is seen as an added advantage of why customers would choose to buy the product. 
  • Use of sustainable packaging improves your brand image as an environmentally friendly company. 

A growing number of companies have taken a revised look and devising creative ways of packaging. From recycling toothpaste tubs to shampoo bottles everything seems revolutionary. Brands have been phenomenally using sustainable packaging for their products which has done wonders for them. Some of these companies are:

Proctor and Gamble:

  • A multinational consumer goods manufacturing company which specializes in hygiene and personal care products.
  • P&G has launched the world’s first completely eco – shampoo bottle for their product “Head & Shoulders”.
  • It has made the bottle with 25% recycled beach plastic. They first collect the plastic waste from beaches which is then cleaned, sorted, and sent for processing. It is then turned into pellets that are used in making of the shampoo bottle.

Hindustan Unilever Limited:

  • It is a global selling fast-moving consumer goods company which is commonly known as the “Indian household brand”.
  • It uses innovative “r – PET Packaging” for its product Pepsodent toothbrush use blister packaging out of which 80% is recycled PET.
  • Unilever changed bottle to black plastic packaging. The new colouring system helps to remove the carbon that is typically used in black packaging. Black plastic can be easily detected at recycling plants and recycled too.  
  • Introduction of Surf Excel Matic Liquid which comes with a refill package pouch format. Refill pouches save on the waste of raw materials used otherwise. 


  • Amazon is an E–Commerce giant which focuses on digital streaming, E–commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
  • The company has recently committed to eliminating single-use plastic by replacing plastic wrap like air pillow and bubble wraps with paper cushions. 
  • It uses recyclable paper padded mailer to protect products during shipping because it takes less space in transit. This ensures undamaged delivery with recyclable packaging and lower carbon footprint. 
  • The recyclable mailer is composed of four paper layer and a water-based cushioning material. The components lightweight cushion and can be reused.


  • Nestle has developed a recyclable paper wrapper for its product – Yes! Bars. 
  • Usually, most chocolate and snack bar wrappers cannot be recycled. Hence, the paper wrapper is made in such a way that it is can sustain with existing high-speed production lines, while at the same time preserving the product like the current wrappers. 
  • This wrapper makes reduced use of plastic content and the design rolled out more widely soon.

The green movement has led to a wave of innovative new environmental-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials. Brands have been keen on adopting sustainable packaging because it creates a win-win situation for the business, customer, and society at large. 

Content : Khyati Henia

Editor : Nishikant Patil

Graphics : Ratnali Meshram

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