Beardo celebrates the Quarantine Beard


“Always a Beardo is all about being proud of your beards”- the men’s grooming product brand, Beardo has rightly given the message to the world and have met every challenge head-on.

Beardo was the result of a need to introduce products that specifically cater to take care of the beards of young men who find it important to groom themselves. It was founded back in October 2015 by Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah introducing line of products taking care of all-round personal grooming for men. Since its inception, the brand is constantly innovating and expanding their line of products as per their consumer’s needs.

The brand has always spearheaded the very nascent category of men’s grooming products while playing a strong role in demonstrating the attractiveness of the category.

In its recent campaign, Beardo is celebrating beards and facial hair in a new zamusic video which unites men across India to embrace and salute their beards.


  • The brand is celebrating the beards grown during the lockdown in a cool video campaign featuring ‘always a beardo’ as the soundtrack.
  • The catchy and upbeat song ‘Always a Beardo’ was made free to download from Instagram encouraging men to share the images and videos of their lockdown beards using the song as the soundtrack.
  • The final crowdsourced video features over 50 India’s coolest beardos shortlisted out of the 10,000 responses received with the well- defined purpose of embracing the quarantine beard and being classy in one’s own skin.
  • Beardo can be seen as a successful brand in its overall brand communication and maintaining its consistency of purpose and message.

Beardo’s music video campaign comes across as a strong move to reignite the passion in men to celebrate themselves. Although picking up a niche segment as the beard has been a bold step for the brand yet its consistency of the message of how “bearded men have it better” is what sets it apart.




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