What Amazon Go Means For The Future Of Retail

  • On 5th Dec’16, Amazon announced Amazon Go, a grocery store where consumers can swipe Amazon’s app, take what they want to buy from shelves and walk-away without any lines.
  • Amazon Go’s technology has been compared to that of self-driving cars. Still in beta mode with Amazon employees, the 1800 square-foot store should open for public from next year. It is located in Seattle, where Amazon in headquartered.
  • Experts say, Amazon has more likely invested in motion-capturing cameras and beacon technology, based on the company’s own description of the store. Many brands lack the financial resources to make the technological investment, so a similar store rolling out could still be a decade away.
  • This shows the advantage Amazon has in R&D programs and their willingness to experiment. The main challenge for Amazon will be creating an error-free checkout.
Source: http://bit.ly/2gwGCaU