Mahindra & Mahindra Unveils Two Digital Platforms

  • Mahindra & Mahindra have launched two new digital platforms, one aimed at the buying experience and the other at enhancing the ownership experience.
  • Mahindra has announced for its buying experience where a prospective customer can explore the company’s vehicles, accessorise them and ultimately make a booking.
  • Key highlight of this platform includes ‘Collaborative Exploration’, under which one can try out different paints, alloys, and other accessories on a Mahindra vehicle.
  • Talk to expert’ is another service where prospects can video chat with a Mahindra expert to clear any doubts and seek information.
  • 3D Discovery’ service is where users can virtually explore a 3D model of the car and see key features and details and news, and blog update areas.
  • Mahindra’s second platform, allows its existing customers to store all their car details online and book services.
  • Customers here can reserve a specific bay and time slot at a dealership of their choice.
  • The car can also be picked up and delivered to the owner’s home, while the payment and other paperwork like the job card, invoice, etc. can all be done online.