is responsible marketing getting lost in translation


It is not about what you say, it is always about how you say it. 


We live in an era where everything is separated by metaphorical glass walls and we can witness almost everything in real-time; the good, the bad, the great, and the worst. All credits go to the rise of digital media. However, for the brands, it is a double-edged sword. While digital media offers instant reach, one misstep and the brands get entangled in the whole cancel culture. 


The attention span of an average consumer online is about 5-10 seconds. That is all a brand gets to attract a potential lead, so the pressure to create something unique and extraordinary is very much real. However, sometimes the content is not entirely thought through, and it creates a wave of outrage that no one expects. Whitehat Jr. recently came up with a brilliant opportunity for young minds introducing them to the world of coding through their coding courses for children. Now, their motivation and hearts both were in the right place, as humanity has definitely gone digital and such skills taught from a young age could make a huge difference. 


The issue was the representation of that message. Whitehat Jr. attacked the insecurities of the Indian parents and tried to sell them an impossible dream that had their seven-year-old selling basic software for millions. Several experts from the tech industry, education industry, and child psychologists were baffled and spoke out against the commercial. 


Their main concern was that with this message, Whitehat Jr. was taking away the right of a kid to be a kid. Kids should not be worried about forming a start-up and getting funded, their main concern should be to have fun. If only Whitehat Jr. focused on the fun part, things would have been much different. 




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