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Exceptional Sales or Sensational Marketing- Strategies behind Sales and Marketing

Exceptional Sales or Sensational Marketing- Strategies behind Sales and Marketing

Key Takeaways

– Sales and Marketing are two peas of the same pod, they might undergo different processes but their agenda towards the organization is similar.

– Sales and Marketing strategies help brands to get a clear idea about what the customers wants and how the organization can work towards meeting both the consumer as well as the company’s needs.-

– Brands use a variety of marketing strategies to amplify their sales efforts in their organization.

– The brands have synced very well in the space of digital marketing for the greater engagement of the audience.

Sales and Marketing are two terms that go hand in hand as it is closely linked with each other. Ever came across this question that what is Sales and Marketing? The process of promotion, selling and distribution of a product or service comes under the bracket of marketing whereas the overall operations and different activities that are involved in the promotion and selling of goods and services lie under the bracket of sales.

The marketing and sales team in any organization carries the major responsibility of communicating the information.

For example, if a company is looking at developing a new radio campaign, here the marketing team helps to spread the awareness about the product launch and  they have a predominant role at the beginning of the potential sale whereas finalizing the deal by communicating directly with the leads and address their concerns are done by the sales team.

Nowadays the marketing promotions are done via electronic gadgets and can take place in any form like video, social media posts, ads, etc., and such type of promotion is called Digital Marketing.

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The main difference between sales and marketing is The probable difference between Sales and Marketing is- ‘Marketing’ stresses more on consumer needs which means to identify the customer’s needs, wants, and demands and turn that into satisfying the customers for their profit whereas ‘Sales’ mainly work on the company’s sales targets which implies their focus is on the company’s needs which can happen by penetrating the company’s product and services onto the market and convincing customers to buy.

Now, this might answer to the dilemma that why sales and marketing work separately. Sales and Marketing have a broad umbrella consisting of various methods under its belt. Sales includes Door-to-Door, Business-to-Business, Cold calling and Personal selling whereas Marketing includes Newsletters, Search Engine Marketing and Product placement via social media handles is a trendy way nowadays in terms of digital marketing.

People often have this question: How do sales and marketing work together? Sales and Marketing have different roles but a common goal as Marketing aims to throw the net out wide to catch as many fishes as possible while the agenda of sales is to convert each of these fishes into leads. Here, we can consider sales as a fisherperson catching the fish when it is in their grasp, instead of letting it escape. Although not considering these terms in a literal sense but the ultimate agenda is to understand that Sales and Marketing complement each other.

Over the years, Sales and Marketing strategies have evolved, marketing has aligned more with sales in an organization as they have realized that they might need a cohesive system to convert as many leads as potential customers and retain them throughout. A loyal customer is the best customer. Developing trust is a slow process and therefore it takes several touchpoints for a buyer to make a purchase from a particular brand and hence the Sales and Marketing strategies must focus on these touchpoints. Eventually, marketing is stepping into this new digital era to get on par with the sales function and increase the long-term goal of an organization by retaining the customer and continuing the market to keep the brand relevant.

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Sales and Marketing have different representations of their respective processes, both are diverse terms with vivid agendas within themselves but aligning with each other to meet the end goal of an organization. 

The process of sales is presented in the figure below:

The process of Marketing is presented in the figure below:

Here, we are highlighting a few of the brands that have taken up the integration between sales and marketing within themselves by using their strategies respectively

1. Parle-G

How does Parle-G manage to sell biscuits for only ₹ 2?

The Glucose biscuit category has witnessed a hike of approximately 75% in its market share, where Parle-G has clocked its highest sales in 80 years during pandemic pertinent to high demand from migrant labourers, government, and NGOs. A sophisticated procurement process is required to manage such low-price levels. At Parle, prices of raw materials are tracked every minute with a basic principle in mind, any margin saved in procurement is profit to the company. Demand sensing and reducing procurement prices have increased as they also work with IBM to enhance AI capabilities.

Their production and operations department are developed to such an extent that in around 115 tons of output, only 1% of the output is wasted. The company has found the lowest logistics cost for distribution by strategically locating their warehouses and manufacturing facilities in India. It is one of the highest penetrated products in rural India. Above all, Parle has retained a highly competent team of employees and partners who oversee the daily manufacturing of 400 million Parle-G Biscuits.

To win any market, one has to develop a competitive advantage over its peers and for Parle, it is astute procurement, operational excellence, and a highly efficient distribution system.

Is #GManeGenius suitable for only those who have high intellectual power?

Parle-G recently launched one of its Digital Marketing campaigns that emphasizes on the emotional intelligence of children. Becoming a genius beyond cognitive intelligence is the main objective of the marketing campaign which can invoke conversations among the audience. Doing good deeds for the society has always been the core belief of Parle-G as a brand.

Parle- G has always stood up during any natural calamities by sticking to their emotions, to help the starving people and maintain low pricing of the product. In this world of digital marketing, the brand has come up with an advertisement that focuses on the importance of emotional intelligence along with being selfless and believe in the goodness, happiness, and wellbeing of others [ ]

The Parle industry has taken this great initiative in how to understand the surrounding with much greater empathy. Children often forget the virtue of empathy in this age of ‘self’ anxiety and preservation, but strategies and commercials like these make the children understand the ability to make a difference in other people’s life by touching their hearts. Such marketing strategies grasps the attention of parents as they are looking forward to ensure that their children learn the core values of humankind early in their life and thus they might want a large scale of consumers to purchase Parle-G so that they can take a step forward to make a change.

2. Oreo India

Do you know the secret sales strategy of Oreo Biscuits?

It is to promote Oreo as an ingredient to make all kinds of delicacies.

It is no coincidence that street vendors are selling Oreo-based milkshakes, smoothies, and ice creams. It is no brainer that almost every household in India are baking Oreo Cakes. Oreo collaborates with Youtubers, Bloggers, and Influencers to promote its usage in baking.

It also has co-branding tie-ups with McDonald’s (Oreo McFlurry) and Kwality Walls (Oreo Ice cream) for the same reason.

These initiatives not only boost sales, but they help keep the brand relevant in a crowded market. Looking at the huge commercial success of street vendors selling Oreo milkshakes, it has now launched Cadbury Oreo Milkshake Mix, a product to help one to make the delicious milkshake at home.

At times when most of the shops are closed due to pandemic, the launch of milkshake mix can serve as a blessing in disguise for many customers.

How did Oreo manage to sustain in the marketing business along with tackling giants like ITC, Parle, Britannia?

Cadbury Oreo’s digital advertising journey has become nothing but the world’s favourite cookies. In the Indian biscuit market, Cadbury Oreo was introduced back in 2011. It made sure to keep its global narrative intact even in India which was “Twist, Lick, Dunk” and it always focused on the message of “togetherness”.

Oreo had launched a campaign called “Play with Oreo” in 2015. Later, as a part of their campaign, Oreo had launched a series of web films on YouTube and Facebook which was dedicated to the campaign theme and their core message “Let your imagination go when you play with Oreo”. [ ]

As a result of their digital marketing strategy on social media, the engagement between the consumers and the brand increased as well. Consumers shared their different imaginations regarding the campaign which were reposted by Cadbury Oreo brand on their social media handle which was #PlaywithOreo.

In recent times as well, when there was a nation-wide lockdown that took place, Oreo came up with the #AtHomeWithOreo campaign in which the brand depicted the infusion of a dose of fun in the daily lives and also accepting the challenges and activities in the new normal. This campaign introduced a quirky way of helping people stay connected.


3. Burger King India

Burger King India has launched a new campaign with new flavours starting at just ₹50!!!

In a market flooded with discounts and limited-time promotions, Burger King India has introduced a new everyday ‘Stunner Menu’ priced at ₹50.

The menu has been designed with new products and new formats and is in tune with the present guest expectations of great value at accessible prices. The current industry trend is to possess offers/promos which are either “Less for Less”, or to supply bundled products at a reduced rate.

Interestingly, Burger King India, on the other hand, has decided to launch a new everyday value ‘₹50 Stunner Menu’ which includes burger, wrap, rice, and volcano styles in exciting Indian and international flavours.

It’s a “No Terms & Conditions” menu that’s available every day, every hour, in every Burger King India outlets.

How is “Burger King India” promoting its business in the digital space?

Burger King India is promoting its newly launched menu across digital and social media.

The Instagram page of burger king India hosted multiple contests in which the consumers can stand a chance to win a free Stunner menu Food. Burger King never fails to astonish its consumers with respect to their social media handles as well, nowadays most of the consumers are well versed with the concept of digital marketing and hence, it always brings out the best with relatable content for the engagement of the consumers.

Coming back to “₹50 Stunner Menu”, Burger King had posted certain posts on their Instagram page wherein they showed that nowadays in this dynamic world we get certain items like a shoelace, cloth hanger, mobile box in ₹50 but here they are providing the entire ‘Stunner menu’ for ₹50.

During February 2021 Valentine’s Day, Burger King India had come up with an interesting campaign where they took a standby stating valentine’s day as a ‘Season of Breakups’ and urged the customers not to compromise and aim for something better. The Valentine’s Day campaign had a tagline called #DateTheWhooper which featured Sima Taparia popularly known as Sima Aunty from the hit show Indian Matchmaking.

This advertisement which came up all over in digital media showed us how Sima Taparia was convincing the consumers to break up from their current relationship and move away with something even better.

This was an indirect way of emphasizing to end up the relationship with the old, boring, dry and unsatisfactory burgers and try their bigger, juicier and flame-grilled Whoopers.

These eye-catchy marketing strategies never fail to gain customer’s attention towards the brand. []

Despite having differences between Sales and Marketing, they are probably not contradictory.

Both of these functions play a very important role in any business in the long run and so both sales and marketing are interlinked with each other.

Proper training and incentives should be given to the personnel to boost morale and earn high pay in return as ‘Sale is a Human Oriented Function’ and on the other hand to achieve an increase in sales along with enhanced brand image best channels of advertisements and promotions should be adopted as ‘Marketing is a Media Oriented Function’. To read the jist of this article on Instagram, please visit the Instagram page of the SalesKlub

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