Coca-Cola Sparks the Change with the Fruit Circular Economy

Coca- Cola India intends to become a complete beverage company.

This will give them a chance to add a new feather to their cap, as they introduce Fruit Juices.


The reasons behind Coca- Cola taking this decision:

  1. This initiative will create a spurt in the company’s local procurement of fruit and farm-level interventions, and will have a positive impact on the Indian horticulture ecosystem.
  2. India is not exactly a homogenous country, along with social and cultural diversity, there is economic classification. In addition, the modern consumer in big and small cities and even semi-urban areas wants personalisation of their products and services.


Initiatives taken by Coca- Cola India:

  1. Launching new drinks like Tea, Coconut Water and Juices along with new local brands at various price points for different customer categories.
  2. Unnati Mango was a program launched by placing a strategic framework called the “Fruit Circular Economy.” Under this, orange sourcing and farming initiatives were launched in 2016 across the water stressed regions of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, which led to adoption of newer varieties of Orange that have 50% higher juice content.
  3. Modern Nurseries with High Quality Plants, Intensive Training to Farmers and Drip Irrigation


“Entering and staying in the fruit production and processing ecosystem is part of our long-term strategy and commitment to the country”, says Ishteyaque Amjad, VP, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia.



  1. Plan to double Farmer’s Incomes.
  2. About 250,000 Farmers would be benefited over 10 years through these programs.


India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. However, only 2.2% of fruits and vegetable output in India is processed. Coca-Cola views this as India’s untapped potential.


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