Ami Pandya

The think tank of M360°, Ms. Ami Pandya is the one who conceptualized Marketing360°. For her words can create magic and she spoke to us about her time in IBS,…

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Ankur Pandey

The backbone of M360°, Mr. Ankur Pandey, also known as the one-man army, for whom words such as “No” and “Impossible” don’t exist, spoke to us about his IBS journey,…

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We have with us today, Mr. Ketan Solanki, the Heart of Marketing 360°, the go-to guy who can get any work done in a jiffy! Let’s learn from him his secret tricks of trade that made him excel in his field!

What made you choose to take up MBA as your career? I chose MBA as a subject for because a MBA in itself says that you can become an entrepreneur…

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Deepak Mishra

We all aim to be at the top, be placed in the best organization with a great salary but how many of us work hard on achieving it, hardly any…

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