Alumni 2018-20

It's all about the people.

Tech Team

A digital geek with a degree in engineering. Spends more time with computers than humans. Gym freak but loves street food.

Avinash Yadav

Tech Head

A highly aspiring Marketing enthusiast with an extensive interest in Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing. A club of Technical and Marketable human ensures success which drives my interest towards Marketing.

Komal Kumari

Content Team

A voracious reader who is highly opinionated and, on a philosophical quest to find meaning. Sridhar loves to be in solitude and, listen to the silent screams of his dualistic soul. A true believer in the phrase — “A word after a word after a word is power”

Sridhar Venkateswaran

I am an exuberant learner and always ready to be an active participant in all curriculum. I am like an answer by God, waiting for the world to formulate the correct question in this regard. I am pursuing PGPM from IBS Mumbai and clearing the desk towards prosperous career

Shaurya Singh

Writing is my new found passion. I always love to learn and experience new interesting things. Also, I am quite passionate about dancing and travelling but Food is life

Pareeta Vyas

I believe that I have a writer that lives in me, who makes me want to live that way, forever.

Nida Sarguroh

A financial analyst in making, fuelled by masala chai and art, who is trying to keep her words alive, every day. When lost, can be found amidst books, mountains or mulling over trivial mysteries.

Anjali Ray

Creative Team

Marketer, outspoken, extrovert.
Love to interact and meet people.
Head filled with creativity
Aspiring entrepreneur

Tanisha Gupta

I am a management student who has a passion in Graphic designing but finance as a career choice. Along with this running marathons and playing sports like cricket and football are my hobbies

Dhruv Vij

Social Media Team

“I am Akash Chopra, an engineer by academics and Marketer by passion. Loves socializing and meeting new people. Avid reader and thrill-seeking soul.”

Akash Chopra

Love to travel and explore the world

Mohammad Shahbaz Khan

I am meticulous and organized individual who believes that being thirsty for knowledge is key to success and happiness

Bittu Goswami

Operation Team

Enthusiastic and Passionate are the words which define me Constantly learning new things and taking up new challenge is what makes my life a one heck of ride

Aishwarya Soman

A seeker, an enthusiast, a passionate vocalist, a painter, a cook and a man of clarity- these are some of the personalities discovered within Kaustav Roy till date. Rest of the mystery is yet to get revealed with time.

Kaustav Roy

Hardworking and a dedicated student towards work and an enthusiastic learner. Loves travelling new places, writing research papers,working for operations and M360

Nisha Bychapur

 I am a gregarious extrovert with a bit of sarcastic views. Living with a dream to travel every continent and to work with maximum potential in a challenging and dynamic marketing environment being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Anirudh Verma

I am a management student who believes in doing work with passion with optimism and performs with a smile on face. Along with it, I am passionate about singing and performing with grace at every opportunity

Sudarshan Biswas


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