Alumni 2017-19

It's all about the people.

Tech Team

An enthusiastic part-time freelancer who enjoys programming.  His Aim is to build conceptional and analytical products for a better tomorrow with sheer commitment towards becoming better every day and an eagerness to learn from people across different industries.

Kunal Anand

The biggest competition is myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I am planning to test my own boundaries. 

Saurav Nayak

Content Team

An enthusiastic learner, Kaneez often finds herself wondering about the meaning of life, as well as about different realms of marketing. She is currently pursuing her PGPM from IBS Mumbai and gearing up for a successful career.

Kaneez Fatima

Writing and travelling defines me . A seeker for knowledge and music fanatic .

Puja Sain

A very amiable person & always ready to help people around me. Passionate about social work as well. I like exploring new places & ever ready to go on treks. Love pets & would like to own one someday.

Tejashree Khandelwal

An Ambivert loves to play volleyball, cricket and passionate about marketing. Always focused to learn new and good things.

Murtuza Bagidora

Being fit is the thing I love the most, I am a chess player who loves to write, compose and sing. Staying updated with the happenings in the marketing world is what attracted me towards M360.

Avilash Parihar

Happy-go-lucky person. Keen to learn new things. Like experimenting with my taste buds and like to travel. Painter, voracious reader and love music.

Shubhi Sharma

Creative Team

I (Keerthi) am a management student with a creative soul. I’m a quick learner and a very ambitious person who believes that the mantra for success is to think out of the box.

Keerthi Nair

Very athletic, I love playing football. Punctual and meticulous in nature, am a quick learner. Love trying different cuisines of food and cooking. Currently pursuing my PGPM degree.

Chinoy Sen

Creatively Organized

Yashvi Mehta

A sailor in the ocean called life.

Nitin Tiwari

Social Media Team

A TechSavy person who shares a passion for writing. Basically an Electrical Engineer, fond of Cars, Gadgets and likes to engage in connecting the Traditional mediums with Technology.

Poojan Shah

Eager to learn & amazed at just how much there is to learn, Avani Desai finds numbers fascinating along with how digital marketing is changing the landscape of the marketing universe. M360 provides her a platform to pen down her thoughts, & a way to keep herself updated. Currently pursuin

Avani Desai

I am Palak Jain from Indore, pursuing PGPM from IBSM. I am an Optimistic and a compassionate person. The eagerness to learn took me to M360 which helped me to learn the art of writing and to build the perfection in my work.

Palak Jain

Currently pursuing PGPM from IBS Mumbai, Uttama is a focused and a dedicated individual. Her field of interest lies in marketing and has done significant work in digital marketing. She believes M360° provides her a platform to enhance her writing skills and her knowledge about marketing as well.

Uttama Sah

A small town girl with big dreams I am Sneha. Writer by passion and believer of the saying hardwork and creativity blend wisely can do wonders.

snehaa punde

I am a commerce graduate and currently pursuing PGPM from IBSM. The two passions of my life are Writing and Marketing

Urvi Jain

Preeti Singh, originally from U.P, I am a biotech engineer and my journey from biotechnology to core marketing is very enthusiastic and sudden, and M360 is a part of it, so now I’m pursuing PGPM from IBS Mumbai and taking steps towards a successful career.

Preeti Singh

To be ahead in life always think one step ahead, is the key of success on which I believe. Currently living in city of dreams to get my DREAMS complete. Writing is the best way to express. Goal of my life is to set the UNLIMITED limit.

Bhartendu Bhushan

I’m Roma Pohwani. A management student who is exploring in nature. I’m the combination of fun loving person with a crazy mind.

Roma Pohwani

One who believes that good things only come to those who hustle.I have my interest in marketing- both modern and traditional and I am too much into social media.Being a food enthusiast, in my free time, I love exploring new eateries.It is a privilege being a part of M360.

Anjali Malani

Operation Team

An IT engineer…!! Passionate for entrepreneurship…. Loves to interact with people…..!!! M360 APEX✌🏻

Abhishek Khanolkar

Friendly and bursting with energy, with a joke for every occasion, I enjoy cooking delicious dishes and playing carrom in my free time. I believe my rational mindset and dedication towards my work well equips me for a successful career in finance that is my dream in the near future.

rounak agarwal

Passionate about valuing the little joys in life and being positive. I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life.I believe that if we focus on BEING our best in all way round in life, we would be always rewarded by joy, happiness and abundance and it has worked for me that way…

Dhanashree jambhale


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