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ITC Ltd launched an online portal for the farmers named E-Choupal. It is a part of ITC’s multi-dimensional integrated Rural development program. It’s a portal which links farmers to the internet. The program installs computers with Internet access in rural areas of India which is run by a Sanchalak to offer farmers up-to-date information related to agriculture.

  • There are around 6,100 e-Choupals in operation in 40,000 villages in 10 states, affecting around 4 million farmers.
  • Farmers can sell their products online directly avoiding the middlemen and get proper value of their produce.
  • There has been an increase in income of farmers as the quality of goods has enhanced and also procurement cost had decreased.
  • E-Choupal is not just an internet portal for farmers, but it is also a site where farmers can take their sample to get them checked.
  • Here, the sanchalak evaluates the quality of his produce and issues conditional quotes to the farmers. The farmers do not pay for the information and knowledge they get from e-Choupals.
  • He can also sell his produce to ITC. Then the Sanchalak gives a note to chopalsagar for further testing of his produce.
  • It also runs women empowerment programs, mainly focusing on Ultra Poor Women, who assist these women in developing entrepreneurial skills and also income generation. More than 54,000 women have been benefited through this ITC’s women-focused initiatives till date.
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